Badger Bug

When procrastination is not an option!

When you keep putting off important tasks, for whatever reason, fear, disgust, or having too much fun elsewhere, the Friendly Badger will bug you, stay on your case, and make sure you get it done!

is not a reminder application, but one that will push you to the limit until you just have to give in and swing promptly into action mode.

is compatible with iOS 9 and higher, with improved compatibility with iOS 11, and more words of encouragement to help you spring into action!

It's between you and the Badger...

No more excuses or is on the way!

Enter or dictate your task, choose an intensity, press START...

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The Badger can be Gentle

Beautiful church bells will call you to duty at one hour intervals.

This is the best intensity for when your deadline is basically "some time today".

You can suspend the Badger, if you are traveling, or having too much fun.

But of course, you will resume later, as you are a dependable person.

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The Badger can apply Tough Love

A mountain lion has been put in charge of letting you know that something needs to be done within the next few hours.

Badger's tough loving puma friend will enthusiastically bug you every half hour.

Don't let the Badger tell you that you dropped the ball!

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The Badger can take Extreme measures

He can send a swarm of mosquitoes to force you into action.

The mosquito crew is merciless, and they will badger bug you every ten minutes, as your task needs to be completed within the next two hours or else...

But when you finally are done with your task, you get to press "DONE!" to send the Badger away!

Download Badger Bug

Simple to use, and always free!

Soon available on Google Play™...