Eclipse Run

Major page and app update coming in 2019!

Eclipse Run is an iOS application dedicated to helping you find the very best spots to observe the upcoming solar eclipses of 2019 and 2020 in Chile and Argentina, as well as the one of 2024 across the USA, from Newfoundland to Mexico.

Watch the video below, read about the alerts, and remember the Great American Eclipse of was a once in a lifetime event!! But if you missed it, there are more to come...

Eclipse Run Totality Alerts

Eclipse Run will give you sound alerts while you are driving and the app is running.
Once you have chosen a spot, press the "Go" button. This will allow you to see the route, and the itinerary. If you leave the app open at this point, you will get sound alerts to let you know that you are entering or leaving the zone of totality.

When you travel through the zone of totality, Eclipse Run will warn you when you cross the line of maximum totality, which helps you pinpoint the most extensive viewing of the eclipse, more than 2 minutes long for this particular eclipse.

Note if you switch to turn by turn (pressing "Show the way" button) you will not be able to get sound alerts.

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